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Saturday, February 16, 2019

WSU-TFREC/Postharvest Information Network/Retail Sales Trends in Washington State Apples

Retail Sales Trends in Washington State Apples

Retail Sales Database

  • Syndicated data source
  • 26 retail chains
  • 3,000+ stores (approximately 10% of United States total)
  • Individual retailer data not reported
  • Composite data in five geographical regions (West, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast) 

Key Findings: 1997-98 to 1998-99 Seasons

  • Apples still key contributor to overall produce department dollars
    Concern: Performance trend is negative: volume -6% and dollars -14%

  • Mainlines still dominate: 60% of category
    Concern: 5 pt. loss, primarily within the Red Delicious variety

  • Bulk sub-category still key part of overall category sales 70%
    Concern: 90% of volume decline was in the bulk sub-category

  • Red Delicious is still KING
    Concern: 93% of volume loss was in bulk; large and small sizes equally

  • Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties both declined, primarily within the bulk sub-categories

  • Galas capture #2 variety share of category

  • Majority of growth was in bulk, bags gaining incremental sales

  • Fuji volume holding steady. Gain in bulk volume off-set by loss in bag volume

  • Braeburn declining in volume

Washington State had record shipments during this period, but traditional retail sales did not show this. Why?


  • Washington state's share of sales increased
  • Shipments increased into other distribution channels such as club stores, hyper-supermarkets, and foodservice.

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