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Postharvest Information Network Article Database

This page is a complete listing of all articles in the Postharvest Information Network Database. Most articles posted after January 2001 are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Article ID Author Title Date
EMK2000A Kupferman Observations on Maturity and Storage of Apples and Pears (Revised Fall 2002) October 2002
EMK2000B Retamales Bitter Pit Prediction in Apples and the Commercial Use of Fruit Magnesium Infiltration September 2000
EMK2000C Kupferman Storage Scald of Apples July 2001
EMK2001A Dunley Pear Pest Management in the Pacific Northwest June 2001
EMK2001B Kupferman Temperature Management and Modified Atmosphere Packing to Preserve Sweet Cherry Quality July 2001
EMK2001C Kupferman Comparison of Pome Fruit Firmness Testing Instruments December 2001
EMK2001D Kupferman Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apples and Pears December 2001
EMK2002A Kupferman Critical Aspects of Harvest and Quality Management June 2002
EMK2002B Kupferman Firmness Loss in Gingergold June 2002
EMK2002C Kupferman Effects of DPA Drenching on Newer Apple Varieties September 2002
EMK2002D Kupferman Minimizing Internal Browning in Apples and Pears September 2002
EMK2002F.PDF Kupferman Packinghouse Primer: Maturity, Storage and Handling of Washington Apples December 1996
EMK2002G Kupferman Use of Diphenylamine, Ethoxyquin and Semperfresh on Anjou Pears February 2003
EMK2003A Kupferman Gala Lenticel Marking February 2003
EMK2003C Kupferman Quality of the 2000 Crop of Washington State Apples March 2002
EMK2004A Kupferman Lenticel Breakdown in Gala Apples November 2004
EMK2005A Kupferman A Status Report on Lenticel Breakdown of Gala Apples July 2005
EMK2006A Kupferman We Are in the Food Business: Providing Consumers with the Quality Apples They Want February 2006
EMK2006B Kupferman Minimizing Bruising on Apples February 2006
EMK2007A Kupferman Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Fruit and Stem Damage when Applying Peroxyacetic Acid or Sodium Hypochlorite after Harvest December 2007
EMK2007B Kupferman Non-Destructive Firmness Instrument Testing: Apples and Pears July 2007
EMK2007C.pdf Kupferman Plain Talk About Lenticel Breakdown November 2007
EMK2007D Kupferman Lessons about Pears from around the World December 2007
EMK2009A Kupferman Lenticel Breakdown of Apples and Fruit Mineral Balance August 2009
EMK2009B Kupferman A Status Report on Honeycrisp Apple Maturity and Storage for Washington September 2009
EMK2009C.pdf Kupferman Research Progress Report: Lenticel Breakdown in Gala Apples, 2008 Crop December 2009
ENK2003B Kupferman Quality of the 2001 Crop of Washington Apples April 2003
GFG01 Good Fruit Grower Miss Premium Prices For Apples May 1998
GFG02 Hansen No Magic Bullet Exists in Brown Rot Control May 1997
GFG03 McPhee Field Management of Postharvest Rots Reviewed March 1999
GFG04 Warner Postharvest Chemicals Are in First Group For Review May 1998
GFG05 Kupferman Postharvest Postulations: The Apple Grower and the Elephant May 1998
GFG06 Warner Input Sought on Changing Red Delicious Grade October 1998
GFG07 Hansen Rovral's Postharvest Use Canceled For Stone Fruit May 1998
GFG08 Kupferman Minimizing Postharvest Decay of Apples and Pears March 1997
GFG09 Good Fruit Grower New Generation of Postharvest Biocontrols Coming September 1996
GFG10 Good Fruit Grower Industry Represented in Codex Residue Group April 1996
GFG11 Good Fruit Grower Biocontrols May Take Longer to Register in Other Countries April 1996
GFG12 Niederholzer Practical Grower: Hood River Station Immersed in Pear Research October 1997
GFG13 Sanger Jonagold Produces Want Focus on Taste, Not Color October 1997
GFG14 Hansen New Process Extends Storage Life of Peaches November 1997
GFG15 Warner Acetic Acid Fumigation Con Prevent Pear Rots November 1997
GFG16 Warner Japan's Apple Sweetness Testing Intrigues WTFRC May 1996
GFG17 Kupferman How to Prevent Diseases of Fruit in Storage March 1999
GFG19 Featherstone Registration of Yeast Will Add New Biofungicide March 2000
GFG20 Sanderson Fungicidal Drenches For Control of Postharvest Decay March 1999
GFG21 Hansen Adaptability of Nuclear Technology Explored November 1996
GFG22 Good Fruit Grower Search Continues For Quarantine Treatments May 1996
GFG23 Moffit USDA Replicates Tests on Cherries For Japanese May 1996
GFG24 Good Fruit Grower Access to Japanese Market Means Waiting May 1996
GFG25 Warner Studies Focus on When and Why Gray Mold Infections Begin July 1996
GFG26 Warner Study Shows The Drawbacks of Overfertilizing July 1996
GFG27 Warner Crop Load May Be Factor in Browning Disorder July 1996
GFG28 Bartram CA Storage Key to Growth of State's Apple Industry March 1996
GFG29 Hansen CA Storage May Maintain Quality of Stone Fruit March 1997
GFG30 Good Fruit Grower Overhead Sprinklers Create Scab Conditions March 1996
GFG31 Ing South America Fruit Production--Part 4: Apples January 1996
GFG32 Warner Studies Focus on Early Stages of Grey Mold September 1996
GFG33 Warner Irradiation May Be Viable Option For Cherry Export March 1996
GFG34 Curry Predicting Scald Development In Storage September 1996
GFG35 Good Fruit Grower New Biocontrol to Be Tested in Northwest September 1996
GFG36 Hansen Excess Nitrogen is Not a Good Thing in Stone Fruit May 1999
GFG37 Kupferman Maintain Crunch to Maintain Profits October 1999
GFG38 Good Fruit Grower Acetic Acid Shows Promise For Control of Fruit Decay May 1998
GFG39 Warner Internal Quality Sorting is on the Way March 2000
GFG40 Whitney Winter Damage Influence Fruit Mineral Content June 1997
GFG41 Mitcham Retain Delays Maturing of Bartlett Pears September 1998
GFG42 Lang The 3rd International Cherry Research Symposium July 1998
GFG43 Hansen Researchers Make Progress on Fresh-Cut Tree Fruits March 1999
GFG44 VanBuskirk Practical Grower September 1998
GFG45 Good Fruit Grower Retain Could Be Useful For Managing Harvest May 1998
GFG46 Warner Gala and Fuji Stored Longer As Volumes Increase May 1998
GFG47 Hansen Stone Fruit Inking Cure Not Found In Calcium Sprays July 1999
GFG48 Good Fruit Grower Importance of Methyl Bromide to Cherries November 1998
GFG49 Raese Calcium Enhances Condition of Stored D'Anjou Pears September 1999
GFG50 Kupferman Storage Regime Observations For Apples and Pears October 1998
GFG51 Faubion Could New Ethylene Inhibitor Work on Fruit? March 1999
GFG52 Shackel Effect of Water and Nitrogen on Pear Size and Quality September 1999
GFG53 Neven Quarantine Treatment For Sweet Cherries November 1998
GFG54 Warner Inspection Changes Should Keep Customers Satisfied May 1999
GFG55 Hansen New Varieties Are Key to Soft Fruit Industry's Future July 1998
GFG56 Warner Honeycore Has Drawbacks in Long-Term Storage March 1998
GFG57 Valenzuela Cherry Production is Expanding In Chile May 1999
GFG58 Long New European Cherry Cultivars Deserve Attention May 1998
GFG59 Hansen Will Alternatives to Fumigants Be Ready In Time? March 1997
GFG60 Good Fruit Grower New Packaging Could Boost Pear Sales, Packer Says March 1998
GFG61 Warner Quarantine Treatment Enhances Fruit Quality November 1998
GFG62 Warner Private Research Program Focuses on Practical Issues January 1998
GFG63 Hansen Waxing Won't Reduce Weight Loss In Storage May 1997
GFG64 Hansen Apple Industry Wants a Slice of the Snack Market March 2000
GFG65 Hansen Several Techniques Detect Apple Watercore May 1997
GFG66 Warner Fresh Packers Await Food Safety Guidelines March 1997
GFG67 Warner Assessing Maturity is a Challenge With Jonagolds June 1997
GFG69 Hansen Northwest Cherry Production Could Double March 2000
GFG70 Drake Response of D'Anjou Pears to Controlled Atmosphere in Elevated Temperature and Carbon Dioxide March 2000
J10I1A Lau Factors Affecting Braeburn Browning Disorder February 1999
J10I1B Ozanich Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: Background and Application to Tree Fruit Quality Measurements February 1999
J10I1C Moffitt Methyl Bromide Fumigation of 'Rainier' Sweet Cherries in Corrugated Polypropylene Containers February 1999
J10I1D Lau Ethylene Scrubbing Offers No Firmness and Scald Benefits to 'Golden Delicious,' 'Delicious,' and 'Spartan' Apples in Low-Oxygen Storage February 1999
J1I1A Rosenberger Postharvest Integrated Pest Management June 1990
J1I2A Waelti Matching Nitrogen Equipment to Your Needs August 1990
J2I3A Kupferman European Apple Warehouse Practices August 1991
J2I3B Waelti Humidity Management in CA Storages August 1991
J2I4A Guyer Minimizing Apple Bruising in the Packingline December 1991
J2I4B Kupferman Quality of Red and Golden Delicious Apples Shipped from Washington State-Progress Report for the 1989 and 1990 Crop December 1991
J3I1A Kupferman Maturity and Storage of Apple Varieties New to Washington State-1992 April 1992
J3I1B Kupferman New Zealand's Approach to Postharvest Handling of Apples April 1992
J3I2A NW Hort Residue Tolerances for Postharvest Chemicals June 1992
J3I3A Zhang Apple Bruising Research Update: Effects of Moisture, Temperature, Cultivar August 1992
J3I3B Hyde Apple Bruising Research Update: Packingline Impact Evaluations August 1992
J3I4A Kupferman Reducing Postharvest Losses in Anjou Pears:
A Report on the 1991 Crop
December 1992
J3I4B Kupferman Retaining the Firmness of Apples in Storage December 1992
J3I4C Waelti Should We Use Plastic Bins? December 1992
J4I1A Dugan Anthracnose, Perennial Canker and Bull's-Eye Rot of Apple and Pear June 1993
J4I1B Apel Chlorine Dioxide June 1993
J4I1C Spotts Filtration to Remove Spores of Penicillium Expansum from Water
in Pome Fruit Packinghouses
June 1993
J4I1D Apel Flotation Materials for Pears June 1993
J4I1E Tukey Overview of Ozone Use at Snokist Growers June 1993
J4I1F Kupferman Postharvest Diseases of Cherries June 1993
J4I1G Kupferman Postharvest Practices to Minimize Decay in Pears June 1993
J4I1H Kupferman Postharvest Diseases and Disorders of Apples and Pears June 1993
J4I1I Kupferman Postharvest Practices to Minimize Decay in Apples June 1993
J4I1J Kupferman Preharvest Practices to Minimize Postharvest Decay June 1993
J4I3A Brown Reduce Apple Bruise Damage October 1993
J4I3B Truter Ethylene Levels in Commercial CA and Low-Ethylene CA Storage of Golden Delicious, Starking, and Granny Smith Apples and Packham's Triumph Pears October 1993
J5I1A Kupferman Anjou Pear Quality:  Fruit Quality April 1994
J5I1B Kupferman Anjou Pear Quality:  Postharvest Practices April 1994
J5I1C Kupferman Cherry Damage Surveys in 1993 April 1994
J5I1D Young In-Field Hydrocooling Cherry Temperature Management April 1994
J5I1E Kupferman Anjou Pear Quality:  Disorders and Diseases April 1994
J5I1F Guyer Lighting Systems for Fruit Sorting April 1994
J5I2A Kupferman Packing Fuji Apples in Washington State August 1994
J5I2B Kupferman Packing Gala Apples in Washington State August 1994
J5I2C Kupferman Packing Golden Delicious Apples in Washington State August 1994
J5I2D Kupferman Packing Red Delicious Apples in Washington State August 1994
J5I2E Kupferman Report to the Industry on Fruit Quality and Packing Practices for Washington Grown Apples August 1994
J5I3A Kupferman Maturity and Storage of Gala, Fuji, and Braeburn Apples September 1994
J6I1A Thompson Reducing Cherry Damage in Packinghouse Operations-Packinghouse Evaluations May 1995
J6I2A Kupferman Postharvest Handling of Anjou Pears June 1995
J6I2B Kupferman Practices to Reduce Postharvest Pear Diseases June 1995
J8I2A Kupferman Near Infrared Sorting for the Washington Apple Industry June 1997
J8I2C Drake Apple Waxing after Methly Bromide Fumigation June 1997
J8I3A Kupferman Observations on Storage Regimes for Apples and Pears, 1997 October 1997
J8I3B Kupferman Quality of CA-Stored Anjou Pears Packed in Trays or Handwrapped-1996 Crop October 1997
J8I4A Hyde Bruising-Impacts, Why Apples Bruise, and What You Can Do to Minimize Bruising December 1997
J8I4B Pitts Elastic Modulus: What Is It? December 1997
J8I4C Pitts Evaluating Apple Firmness Sensors December 1997
J8I4D Cavalieri Detection of Watercore in Apples December 1997
J9I1A Kupferman Postharvest Applied Chemicals to Pears:
A Survey of Pear Packers in Washington, Oregon, and California
June 1998
N1I2A Proebsting Bing Cherry Maturity May 1983
N1I2B Patterson CA Storage of Bing Cherries May 1983
N1I2C Patten Reduction of Surface Pitting in Sweet Cherries May 1983
N1I3A Bramlage Measuring Fruit Firmness with a Penetrometer August 1983
N1I4A Blanpied The Many Faces of CA Storage November 1983
N1I4B Waelti Energy Conservation in Apple Storages November 1983
N2I1A Kupferman Carbon Monoxide in Storage Rooms and Packing Houses February 1984
N2I1B Blanpied Low Oxygen Hazard In CA Storage February 1984
N2I2A Kolattukudy Natural Waxes on Fruits May 1984
N2I2B Kupferman Waxing Red Delicious May 1984
N2I3A Bramlage Factors Influencing DPA Residues on Apples August 1984
N2I4A Olsen Monitoring the Quality of Apples in Long-Term CA Storage November 1984
N2I4B Kupferman Using Chlorine in the Packinghouse November 1984
N3I1A Chen Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Low-Oxygen Storage of Red Delicious Apples February 1985
N3I1B Meheriuk Low-Oxygen Atmospheres to Control Superficial Scald in Red Delicious Apples February 1985
N3I1C Lau Storage Factors Influencing the Quality of Apples February 1985
N3I2A Mitchell Reducing Handling Injuries During Fruit Harvest May 1985
N3I2B Kupferman Cherry Quality Research Summary May 1985
N3I3A Tvergyak Pear Maturity Indexes Used to Time Harvest Date August 1985
N3I3B Kupferman Practices to Reduce Postharvest Pear Diseases August 1985
N3I4A Loescher Understanding Watercore November 1985
N4I1A Waelti Forced Air Cooling of Cherries May 1986
N4I1B Kupferman An Introduction to Cherry Quality and Handling May 1986
N4I1C Kupferman The Role of Ethylene in Determining Apple Harvest and Storage Life May 1986
N4I2A Patterson Preserving Granny Smith Quality and Condition July 1986
N4I2B Bartsch Reducing Energy Costs in CA Storage July 1986
N4I2C Olsen Views on CA Storage of Apples July 1986
N4I3A Kupferman Retail Quality of Washington Apples November 1986
N4I3B Kupferman Control of Major Postharvest Apple Diseases November 1986
N4I3C Lau Dessert Quality and Storability of Jonagold Apples November 1986
N5I1A Patterson Factors of Loss and The Role of Heat Removal for Maximum Preservation of Sweet Cherries May 1987
N5I1B Glenn Role of Calcium in Delaying Softening of Apples and Cherries May 1987
N5I2A Klahre D'Anjou Harvest Maturity and Storage August 1987
N5I2B Kupferman Brown Core, a Disorder of CA Stored Pears August 1987
N6I1A Waelti Potential For Explosions In CA Storage Facilities March 1988
N6I2A Kupferman Fruit Mineral Analysis--An Update September 1988
N6I2B Patterson Harvest Maturity and Storage of Granny Smith Apples For Late CA and Uniform Market Quality September 1988
N6I2C Bramlage Apple Scald, a Complex Problem September 1988
N6I3A Meheriuk Harvest Maturity and Storage Regime For Pears December 1988
N6I3B Kupferman Skin Speckling and Pithy Brown Core of D'Anjou Pears December 1988
N7I1A Kupferman Cherry Warehouse Survey Report, 1988 May 1989
N7I2A Apel Dump Tank Chemicals September 1989
N7I2B Kupferman The Early Beginnings of Controlled Atmosphere Storage September 1989
N7I2C Sugar Flotation Materials For Pear September 1989
N7I3A Willett Postharvest Diseases and Disorders of Apples and Pears December 1989
N7I3B Willett Practices to Minimize Postharvest Decay of Apples and Pears December 1989
N7I3C Willett Flotation Materials For Pears December 1989
N7I3D Willett Postharvest Diseases of Cherries December 1989
PC2000A Willett International Chemical Standards March 2000
PC2000AA Curry Considerations in Using Ethephon and ReTain To Regulate Maturity of Deciduous Tree Fruit March 2000
PC2000B Ashby Retail Sales Trends in Washington State Apples March 2000
PC2000BB Harker What Makes Fruit Firm and How to Keep It That Way March 2000
PC2000C Fox Food Safety: The Commercial Advantage March 2000
PC2000CC Lutz Successful Apple Marketing in the New Millennium March 2000
PC2000D Eschbach Ethylene Concentrations in Controlled Atmosphere Storage March 2000
PC2000DD Mattheis Responses of Apple and Pear Fruit to
March 2000
PC2000E Blankenship Potential MCP Revolution March 2000
PC2000EE Curry Predicting Physiological Disorders: Bitter Pit March 2000
PC2000F Blankenship Ethylene: The Ripening Hormone March 2000
PC2000FF Griffin Monitoring the Controlled Atmosphere Storage Environment: Ammonia Sensors and Infrared Vapor Analysis March 2000
PC2000G Zehm Water Quality, Water Availability, and Salmon Recovery March 2000
PC2000H Chen Ethylene and Anjou Pears March 2000
PC2000I Mitcham Ethylene Treatment of Bartlett Pears in Transit to Improve Ripening and Quality March 2000
PC2000J Powers Opening New Markets March 2000
PC2000K Hallier Bar-Coding Individual Fruit March 2000
PC2000L Ferguson An Insurer's Perspective on Postharvest March 2000
PC2000M Granatstein Alternative Markets for Fruit: Organic and Integrated Fruit Production March 2000
PC2000N Thompson Transport and Packaging to Optimize Pear Quality March 2000
PC2000O Thompson Good Temperature Management Improves Fruit Quality March 2000
PC2000P Morton Evaporator Fan Variable Frequency Drive Effects on Energy and Fruit Quality March 2000
PC2000Q Schick Optimizing Cherry Stem Quality March 2000
PC2000R Hellickson Pear Cool-Down and Mass Loss: Comparing Plastic and Wooden Bins March 2000
PC2000S Sauer Improving Plant Operations Using Information Technology March 2000
PC2000T Sauer New Marketing Opportunities:
Some Bright Lights of Hope on the Horizon for Washington Apples
March 2000
PC2000U Bedford Preventing Decay March 2000
PC2000V Swearingen Advertising Program Evaluation:
February 1999 to February 2000
March 2000
PC2000W Zagory Wash Water Sanitation: How Do I Compare Different Systems? March 2000
PC2000X Zagory What Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Can and Can't Do for You
March 2000
PC2000Y Ewart New Postharvest Chemicals: The Environmental Protection Agency and the Risk Cup March 2000
PC2000Z Sanderson Management of Decay Around the World and at Home March 2000
PC2001A Andrews Gala Splitting March 2001
PC2001B Argenta Responses of MCP-Treated Fuji and Braeburn Apple Fruit to Air and CA Storage Condiditons March 2001
PC2001C Argenta Development of Internal Browning in Fuji Apples During Storage March 2001
PC2001D Bates Introducing AgroFreshTM March 2001
PC2001E Cliff Quality Assurance Based on Sensory Evaluation March 2001
PC2001F Drake The Influence of Paper Wraps on the Quality and Disorders of Anjou Pears After Controlled Atmosphere Storage March 2001
PC2001G Ferguson Calcium in Apple Fruit March 2001
PC2001H Hansen Exporting Without Methyl Bromide March 2001
PC2001I Hellickson Reducing Energy Costs in Fruit Storage Warehouses March 2001
PC2001J Hyde Conditioning to Reduce Impact Bruising in Fruits and Vegetables March 2001
PC2001K McEvoy Organic Regulations for Washington and USA March 2001
PC2001L Mullinix Developing a Washington Tree Fruit Industry Strategic Plan March 2001
PC2001M ORourke Where Do We Go From Here? March 2001
PC2001N Mattheis Responses of Pacific Northwest Apples to 1-methylcyclopropene (MCP) March 2001
PC2001O Ozanich Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Progress Report March 2001
PC2001P Plotto Tools of Sensory Analysis Applied to Apples March 2001
PC2001Q Staples Minimizing Energy Use in Storage March 2001
PC2001R Sugar Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Pears March 2001
PC2001S Toivonen Factors Involved in Developing Apples Slices March 2001
PC2001T Wilcox Energy Efficiency in Fruit Storage Warehouses March 2001
PC2001U Curry Lenticel and Cuticle Disorders: A Survey March 2001
PC2001V Harker Consumer Response to Apples March 2001
PC2002A Carpenter The Sales Desk and the Apple Commission: Working Together on Retail Promotions March 2002
PC2002B Curry Factors Contributing to Lenticel Breakdown March 2002
PC2002C Huber Fresh Fruit Packing General Permit Renewal: The Fruit Industry and WSDOE Working Together March 2002
PC2002D Kupferman The Quality of Washington Apples March 2002
PC2002E Mattheis Factors Influencing Successful Use of 1-MCP March 2002
PC2002F Marin Consumers' Evaluation of Apple Quality March 2002
PC2002G Memmott Retaining and Motivating Employees March 2002
PC2002H Moffitt Conditioned Fruit: Is It What Consumers Are Looking For? (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) March 2002
PC2002J Schlect Food Safety/Food Security: Will It Be Important? March 2002
PC2002K Sugar Pear Flotation Studies, 2001-2002 March 2002
PC2002L van Someren Gréve Technology and Automation--Can It Decrease Warehouse Costs/Improve Grower Returns? March 2002
PC2002M Zoffoli The Apple and Cherry Industry of Chile March 2002
PC2003A Schrader Stress-Induced Disorders: Effects on Apple Fruit Quality December 2003
PC2003B Brunner Information from the Careful Evaluation of Packlingline Culls December 2003
PC2003C Crouch Research and Commercial Experience with SmartFresh in South Africa December 2003
PC2003D Crouch Post Harvest Apple Practices in South Africa December 2003
PC2003E McEvoy Organic Certification in the United States and Europe December 2003
PC2003F Moggia Apple Postharvest Practices in Chile December 2003
PC2003G Moggia Use of Thermofogging for DPA and Fungicide Applications in Chile December 2003
PC2003H Smilanick Use of Ozone in Storage and Packing Facilities December 2003
PC2003I Willett Making Sense of Organic, Food Safety and Food Security Certification Programs December 2003
PC2004A Bylemans PENBOTEC 400 SC, a New Postharvest Fungicide December 2004
PC2004B Kelley Chlorine Disinfectants and ORP Control December 2004
PC2004C Xiao Decay Control with New Tools December 2004
PC2004D Neven High Pressure Washing and Organosilicones: Improvements and Impacts on Pear Quality, Pathogens, and Surface Arthropods December 2004
PC2004E Schrader Fruit Skin Disorders December 2004
PC2004F Sholberg Bin and Storage Room Sanitation December 2004
PC2004G Tedford Scholar--A New Broad-Spectrum Postharvest Fungicide for Pome Fruits December 2004
PC2004H Jones Cull Analysis: Moving Towards a Better System December 2004
PC2005A Hernandez Quality of Pink Lady Apple December 2005
PC2005B DeEll Ontario Experiences with 1-MCP (SmartFreshTM) on Apples December 2005
PC2005C DeEll Postharvest Quality and Handling of 'Honeycrisp' Apples December 2005
PC2005D Drake The Influence of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine and Ethephon on Objective and Sensory Quality of 'Delicious' Apples and Apple Juice at Harvest and After Storage December 2005
PC2005E Hellickson Improving Air Distrubution in Fruit Storage Warehouses December 2005
PC2005F Kupferman Latest Research on Lenticel Breakdown of Apples December 2005
PC2005G Mitcham Tree Fruit Research in California December 2005
PC2005H Spotts New High-Tech Methods to Solve Old Decay Problems December 2005
PC2006A Hanrahan Lenticel Disorders Industry Survey (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) December 2006
PC2006B Sugar Advances in Integrated Management of Pear Postharvest Decay December 2006
PC2006C Thompson Requirements for Successful Forced-Air Cooling December 2006
PC95A Drake Quality of Gala Apples as Related to Maturity, Storage Atmosphere
and Storage with Bartlett Pears
March 1995
PC95B Grant Internal Browning of Fuji: Central California Experiences March 1995
PC96A Chen Storage Challenges with Winter Pears March 1996
PC97A Chen CA Regimes for Control of Superficial Scald of d'Anjou Pear March 1997
PC97B Witney Fruit Mineral Uptake and Augmentation in the Orchard: Postharvest Quality Implications March 1997
PC97C Wolk Practical Application of Fruitlet Mineral Analysis March 1997
PC97D Pitts Apple Size and Length of Storage Affects Firmness March 1997
PC97E Drake Fruit Quality as influenced by Wax Application March 1997
PC97F Cavalieri Detection of Watercore in Apples March 1997
PC97G Fossum Harvesting Jonagolds March 1997
PC97H Curry Considerations in Assessing Maturity of Braeburn Apples March 1997
PC97I Mitcham Evaluation of Four Cherry Firmness Measuring Devices March 1997
PC97J Mattheis Postharvest Management of Watercored Fuji Apples March 1997
PC97K Hyde Optimizing Temperature and Moisture to Minimize Fruit Bruising March 1997
PC97L Sanderson Fungicidal Drenches for Control of Postharvest Decay in d'Anjou March 1997
PC97M Lennox Botrytis Gray Mold as a Postharvest Pathogen in D'Anjou Pear March 1997
PC97N Sugar Control of Postharvest Decay with Chemical and Biological Fungicides March 1997
PC97O Smith Chemical Safety: What You Can Mix and What You Can't March 1997
PC97P Seaman Thermosyphon Oil Cooling Demonstration Project March 1997
PC97Q Black Operation and Energy Benefits of Computerized Control Systems March 1997
PC97R Gray Warehouse Electrical Systems March 1997
PC97S Jourdan Process Safety Management: Compliance of Refrigeration Plants March 1997
PC97T Ingham Energy Savings Associated with Computer Control of Refrigeration March 1997
PC97U Wilcox Improving Aging Refrigeration Systems in the Fruit Industry March 1997
PC98A Ewart The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 March 1998
PC98AA McLaughlin Potential Areas of Research for Modification of the Fresh Fruit Packing General Permit March 1998
PC98B Someren Modern Labor Realities March 1998
PC98C Kukulan Worldwide Market Potential and Technical Barriers
for the Export of Stone Fruit
March 1998
PC98D Skelton The "Partners in Quality" Program March 1998
PC98E Hellickson Changes in Pear CA Storage Rooms as Influenced by Evaporator Fan Operation March 1998
PC98F Staples Evaporator Fan VSD's: Fruit Quality Considerations March 1998
PC98G Wilcox The Evaporator Fan VFD Initiative March 1998
PC98H Houston Ammonia Leak Detection in CA Storage March 1998
PC98I Griffin Evaluation of Ammonia Sensors for Controlled-Atmosphere (CA) Applications March 1998
PC98J Drake Elevated Carbon Dioxide Storage of Loose Packed 'Bosc' Pears March 1998
PC98K Thompson Effects of RetainTM on 'Delicious' Apple Maturity and Storability March 1998
PC98L Prange Determination of Maturity for Long-Term Storage of Apples March 1998
PC98M Curry Ethylene in Fruit Physiology March 1998
PC98N Mattheis Maximizing Postharvest Quality of Gala and Fuji Apples March 1998
PC98O Waliser Concorde Pear and CameoTM Apple March 1998
PC98P Curry Physiology of Braeburn Maturity and Disorders: A Discussion March 1998
PC98Q Doornink Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission's Postharvest Projects March 1998
PC98R Sanderson Fungicidal Drenches for Control of Postharvest Decay in Pome Fruit March 1998
PC98S Sholberg Postharvest Strategies that Reduce Risk of Pome Fruit Decay March 1998
PC98T McPhee Field Management of Postharvest Rots March 1998
PC98U McEvoy Handling Organic Fruit March 1998
PC98V Willett A Brief Summary of Some Package Labeling Issues March 1998
PC98W Prange Bruising Reduction: Effect Of Storage Humidity and Post-Storage Handling on Compression Bruising of CA Stored Apples March 1998
PC98X Hanford Reducing Emissions from Forklifts March 1998
PC98Y Huber The Fresh Fruit Packing General Wastewater Discharge Permit: Compliance Trends and Permit Re-Issuance March 1998
PC98Z Mrachek Wastewater Sampling Techniques March 1998
PC99A Curry Delicious Quality Can Be Affected by Ethephon or ReTainTM March 1999
PC99B Drake Short-Term Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apples March 1999
PC99C Thompson Delicious Harvest Maturity and Storage March 1999
REP2001A Ritenour Sanitizers for Citrus Packinghouse Recirculated Water Systems August 2001
REP2002A Chen Pre-Conditioning of D'Anjou Pears in Transit During Early Marketing Season June 2002
REP2002B Smith A Brief Handout to Aid in the Identification and Control of Common Postharvest Diseases of Apples and Pears September 1996
REP2002C.pdf Ketchie Effect of Winter Damaged Spurs on the 1986 Apple Crop August 1986
REP2002D Swindeman Fruit Packing and Storage Loss Prevention Guidelines December 2002
REP2003A Kolattukudy Natural Waxes on Fruits March 2003
REP2003B Curry Factors Associated with Apple Lenticel Breakdown April 2003
REP2007A Ritenour Red Color Development of Apple: A Literature Review June 2007
REP2009A Silsby CA Storage Safety August 2009
REP2009B Sugar Re-Thinking the Chill Requirement for Pear Ripening December 2009
REP2010A Beaudry A summary of ‘Honeycrisp’ storage recommendations across North America: What is best for Michigan? December 2009
REP2010B-Spanish Prieto La Desinfeccion de las Cajas Palet January 2011
REP2010C Calvo Antioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 1 – Regulatory Situation October 2010
REP2010D Calvo Antioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 2 – Alternatives to Antioxidants October 2010
REP2010E Calvo Antioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 3 – Storage Scald and 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) October 2010
REP2011A Yuri Partiduras En Cerezas January 2011
RP2000A Gurnsey Improving Apple Color December 1999
W99A01 Kupferman Notes on the Relationship of Internal Browning and Titratrable Acidity in Fuji Apples October 1999
W99A02 Sanderson Effect of Paper Wraps on Postharvest Decay and Disorders of Anjou Pear Fruit, 1997 October 1999
W99A03 McPhee Proper Management of Your DPA Program Can Save You Money and Headaches! October 1999
aniline-blue Curry Predicting Susceptibility of 'Gala' Apples to Lenticel Breakdown Disorder: Guidelines for Using the Dye Uptake Test August 2004
em9001 Spotts Predicting and managing gray mold rot of pear in Oregon January 2010
marketdiseases USDA Market Diseases of Apples, Pears and Quinces May 1971
marketdiseasespears UDSA Market Diseases of Apples, Pears and Quinces May 1971
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