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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Welcome to the Postharvest Information Network, a resource for postharvest information on apples, pears, cherries, stone fruit, and postharvest practices. Browse our database here, or click on a fruit, then select a subject area or fruit variety to see the list of related articles.

Recent & Notable Resources

Cherry Cracking (Partiduras en Cerezas)
We are delighted to present new information on cherry cracking. This has been a constant challenge for cherry growers around the world and has been the subject of research ever since cherries were produced commercially. Dr. José Antonio Yuri (Director Centro de Pomáceas, Universidad de Talca) in Chile has allowed us to present his research results on this site. We hope you find his work on calcium chloride, brix (soluble solids), and timing on different varieties helpful. Note also the bibliography at the end. This article is available only in Spanish.

Antioxidant Use in Apple and Pear Storage
Confused about the regulatory status of antioxidants in Europe? Argentinean researcher Gabriela Calvo compiled the results of an international survey regarding the use of DPA, ethoxyquin and 1-MCP to control scald on apples and pears. With responses from 47 people in 14 countries, this paper is an excellent resource for anyone intending to market fruit in Europe:

DPA update: The Northwest Horticultural Council of Washington State issued this report on DPA registration in Europe on December 27, 2010...Better news arrived last week regarding long-term approval of DPA (diphenylamine) for scald control on apples in the EU. Ireland's Pesticide Control Service has completed its review of the DPA resubmission for Europe. This review has been forwarded to the EU Commission and the European Food Safety Authority with a favorable opinion, supporting DPA's use in the EU along with proposing a higher MRL of 10 ppm (compared to the EU's current 5 ppm MRL). The new data further supports the position that there is no evidence that DPA use will result in the possible formation of nitrosamines during storage of the active substance or during processing of treated apples. While this development is cause for cautious optimism, we note that in 2008 Ireland also recommended continuing the EU MRL for DPA, but was overruled by the European Commission. Both Decco and Pace, DPA suppliers to our industry, supported the work of the DPA Data Consortium in developing new data for the Irish review.

Víctor M. Guerrero-Prieto kindly translated Bin Sanitation: An effective Way to Control Codling Moth and Fungal Decay Spores by Jim Hansen, Chang-Lin Xiao, and Gene Kupferman into Spanish.
La Desinfeccion de las Cajas Palet

Looking for current or historical weather data for your orchard, farm or vineyard in Washington state? WSU's AgWeatherNet has 134 weather stations across the state providing real-time weather, temperature alerts, reports, and models. Registration is free and tutorials are available for creating customized weather reporting. Please visit:

Bacterial Canker
Oregon State University Extension has a new publication on cherry bacterial canker entitled Bacterial Canker of Sweet Cherry in Oregon: Disease Symptoms, Cycle and Management, by Bob Spotts, Jeff Olsen, Lynn Long and Jay Pscheidt. This, and many other articles on Pest Management, is available free from OSU Extension.

2009 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Gala Apples in Washington, by Karina Gallardo, Mykel Taylor and Herbert Hinman is a fact sheet that identifies the typical practices and corresponding costs of a modern, well-managed Gala apple orchard. Tables include costs per acre such as pruning, chemical application, harvest, and repairs; net returns at various prices and yields; capital requirements; interest; and depreciation. Available from the Tree Fruit Economics website

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